Hyundai Santa Fe The Prime Diesel R2.0 4WD 5-местен 21555 EUR

Hyundai Santa Fe The Prime Diesel R2.0 4WD 5-местен
Price 21555 EUR
Date of manufacture октомври 2018
Engine Diesel
Power 202 к.с.
Transmission Automatic
Category SUV
Mileage 60000 km
Color Tъмно син
Doors 5
Sits 5
Keys 2

GPS tracking system
Automatic stability control
Adaptive forward lighting
Airbags - Rear
Airbags - Front
Airbags - Side
Electrical brake force distribution
Electronic stability program
Tire pressure control
ISOFIX system
Dynamic stability system
Traction control
Brake assist system
Auto Start Stop function
Bluetooth \ handsfree system
Steptronic, Tiptronic
USB, audio\video, IN\AUX ports
Keyless ignition
Differential Lock
Board computer
Light sensor
Electric Mirrors
Electric Windows
Electrical seat adjustment
Electrical power steering
Multifunctional steering wheel
GPS Navigation
Heated steering wheel
Windshield heating
Seat heating
Adjustable steering wheel
Rain sensor
Power steering
Headlight wash system
Speed control system (autopilot)
Buy back
Full maint done
New arrival
Eligible for a tax credit
Service book
4 (5) Doors
LED headlights
Xenon lights
Alloy wheels
Central locking
Leather salon

CarsBg is an official importer of used cars from Korea authorized by River Trade Korea, a partner of KOTRA / South Korea\\\'s state agency for investment and trade promotion / member of the Bulgarian-Korean Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. Around the new year we hope to have such a car available in our showroom. From the Kia and Hyundai models we have constant stocks of the innovative models of gas-only liquid phase, but at your request they can also be with petrol or diesel engines Sonata, Optima, Grandur, Elantra, Cadenza, Picanto and Cerato. To view the available cars, come to the place or visit our website or call! For all cars sold by us there is a full warranty of 1 or 2 years, as well as full service warranty and out of warranty all spare parts and consumables are provided for the cars we sell we have contracts with service partners throughout the country for maintenance of our cars cars.
THIS PRICE IS IN KOREA and the car is there!
Costs for bringing to Bulgaria and fees:
The car is sold by River Trade Korea through KarsBG11 official representative of the company for Europe!
The payment is made to KarsBg11, which guarantees the delivery of the car and respectively the entire payment to River Trade!
How does the payment work :
After choosing a car in Korea, you pay 45% of the price of the car and transport in the amount of 750 EURO. 1. You receive a minimum of 12 photos and a video of the car as well as the chassis of the selected car, after loading the container you also receive the number of the container to track it online. 2. When the car arrives in the port of Thessaloniki you have two options 1 Option against 500 Cars BG 11 will form all the necessary documents of the car until registration and the traffic police. 2 Option we transfer the ownership of the car after its full payment and the client documents the car himself. The additional payment of the remaining amount of 55% takes place at the time of arrival of the car in Bulgaria, unless the customer chooses option 2 when he will document the car himself then 55% is paid when the container arrives in Thessaloniki. The following state fees are due for the ordered car:
3. Duty - 10%
4. VAT - 20%
5. Transport Thessaloniki-Sofia, decontainerization, unloading of the container from the ship, cleaning of the container - 390 EURO
6. Customs documentation under option 1 is included in the price. Unloading the container in Sofia and removing the car in option 1 is included in the price.
7. Technotest fee BGN 590 with VAT
8. Fee of the Ministry of Transport for Homologation BGN 120 with VAT
10. Preparation of documents and declarations for the Traffic Police under option 1 is included in the price.
11. Full service before operation in option 1 is included in the price.
12. Transport to the Traffic Police under option 1 is included in the price.
13. Discounts and membership in KarsBG11 club for spare parts are included in option 1.
14. Storage of the car until all documents are completed in option 1 is included in the price!
15. At the customer\\\'s request under option 1 the car can remain in a customs warehouse for up to 30 days, BGN 10 per day is paid, then VAT and duty may not be paid, the car remains in a warehouse until these fees are paid.
16. Cars we import manufactured until 2013. and up to 90,000 km have a 3 month warranty or 15,000 km! Cars after 2014 have 1 year warranty or 35000km. after the expiration of the warranty and if the car has not traveled more than 35000 km, it can receive for a fee of BGN 650 another 35000 km. warranty and another 1 year warranty. Cars manufactured after 2018 have a 2-year warranty or 45,000 km and another year after paying a fee of BGN 650. !!
For available cars, auto parts and service visit our website: www. carsbg11. com or www. korea-auto. eu
tightens that can not count :) SAMPLE PRICE as calculated above!
If the price of the car is 4000 +750 = 4750 is the price of transport to Thessaloniki!
4750 Euro x 1, BGN 95583 = BGN 9290 in Thessaloniki + BGN 725 transport from Thessaloniki