Hyundai Sonata LPG 23999 лв.

Hyundai Sonata LPG
Price 23999 лв.
Date of manufacture март 2017
Engine Petrol
Power 155 к.с.
Transmission Automatic
Category Sedan
Mileage 61848 km
Color Бял
Doors 4
Sits 5
Keys 2

Automatic stability control
Adaptive forward lighting
Airbags - Rear
Airbags - Front
Airbags - Side
Electrical brake force distribution
Electronic stability program
Tire pressure control
ISOFIX system
Dynamic stability system
Brake assist system
Bluetooth \ handsfree system
Steptronic, Tiptronic
USB, audio\video, IN\AUX ports
Board computer
Light sensor
Electric Mirrors
Electric Windows
Electrical power steering
Air conditioning
Multifunctional steering wheel
GPS Navigation
Adjustable steering wheel
Rain sensor
Power steering
Headlight wash system
Speed control system (autopilot)
Buy back
Full maint done
New arrival
Service book
4 (5) Doors
LED headlights
Xenon lights
Halogen headlights
Central locking
Leather salon

Available! Warranty 1 year or 35000 km!
Luxury minivan 8 seats!
All the extras for the model which for Europe is 2020!
CarsBg11 is an Official Certified Importer of River Trade Korea since 2014!
We guarantee the technical condition and mileage of all our cars!
We have service and maintain basic spare parts for all cars imported by us!
General information:
Full written Warranty 1 year or 35000km. for this car.
At least 15 cars available!
New deliveries from Korea every month!
Service and spare parts!
Flexible leasing schemes!
CarsBG11 is an official importer of River Trade - Korea, a partner of KOTRA - Korea!
Guaranteed technical condition, origin and mileage! We do not just want to sell you a car, but we want to invite you to our club with over 200 members to have the best service and servicing of your unique car with us you will find original parts and accessories but also become friends. club Auto-Korea in the club in addition to discounts you will have information about gatherings of owners of such cars or public events of the Korean Embassy and KOTRA. We can buy our car and replace it with the new model, you also have the option to use it for rent at a preferential price or leave it in storage when traveling abroad or a long absence in our underground garage and many more opportunities for our customers!
BASIC TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Fuel consumption: 8, 5l / 100km extra-urban; 11 / 100km urban and 9, 5/100 mixed consumption. Extremely cheap maintenance with original parts and specialized work in our company service. Bottle 85 liters up to 800 km with one refill! Atmospheric chain engine manufactured to run only on gas extremely durable and easy to maintain!
For more information on available or expected cars visit our website! www. carsbg11. com
Why buy Hyundai Gas Liquid Phase or Kia from us?
Here are some good reasons:
1. Because in the second-hand car market you will not find a better value for money for this car class.
2. We give you a 1-year warranty (option for the 2nd year).
3. We offer original spare parts and consumables at attractive prices for our customers. Car service!
4. CarsBg-11 EOOD has been importing these cars since 2014. and is an official representative of River Trade, Korea, as well as a member of the Association of Car Importers from Korea, a member of the Bulgarian-Korean Chamber of Commerce. We hand over a ready-to-use car, with changed consumables and in perfect technical condition.
5. We guarantee that you will drive the most environmentally friendly liquid fuel car certified in an accredited European laboratory.
6. We offer you to rent such a car and after you are convinced of its quality, to buy it, and the rental money will be deducted from the price of the car you want to buy.
7. We also offer leasing without down payment with 6, 8% annual price increase, as the car is immediately transferred to your name and the lease is up to ten years through our partner bank Texim Bank, PariBa and UniCreditBulbank. To apply you only need to present an ID card in our office and within 2 hours you will receive an answer. Together we can find the best leasing company for you according to your capabilities and we work with leasing companies without proof of income, even with a bad credit history!
8. Only our cars have a safety certificate for the gas installation, we have done a full test of the gas system and you will receive all the certificates necessary for inspection and registration with the traffic police.
For detailed information and technical data, for cars in the gas-liquid phase, visit our website or call us.
Information on prices for spare parts and maintenance of Kia and Hyundai, gas liquid phase, imported from Korea, for customers who bought a car from CarsBG you can see on our website or in our online store for spare parts online special prices for customers purchased from us your cars!
We will soon provide software that will self-diagnose the car and you will be able to be informed in real time about a technical problem and its solution, while the services with which we will have an agreement will know about the problem and will have a solution to it. The software will also monitor for current consumables. And for everything you will be informed how long the repair will last and how much the labor and parts will cost, if we cannot repair the damage within 72 hours you will be able to use a replacement car.